Seattle – Top 20 (part 1)

A recap of our trip to Seattle in a list format! Here are 20 of our favorite things about this beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle |

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Cate and I ventured out to the great Pacific Northwest to spend some time in Seattle. It was our first time in this area of the country and we really enjoyed our time in this beautiful city on the water. To mix things up, instead of writing a full narrative I’m just going to list 20 impressions about Seattle (feel free to let me know what I got wrong in the comments).  We’ll do the first 10 today, and another 10 later this week. Here goes.

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Istanbul, Turkey (part 1)

An overview of some of the sights and restaurants in the amazing city of Istanbul, Turkey and a closer look at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet.

Istanbul, Turkey | In February, Cate and I spent four nights in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is a truly transcontinental city as it falls right on the Asia/Europe border. To get a better appreciation of this gigantic city of almost 14 million people, we spent a few nights in both the historic old city (Sultanahmet) and a few in the newer side near the Bosphorus strait. In honor of this split city, we’ll split our recap into two posts: today a recap of the Four Seasons Sultanahmet, the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar, Mikla Restaurant, and a look at some of the best sandwiches in Istanbul.  … 

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