Madrid, Spain

A travel guide on Madrid, Spain for foodies- this recap of our trip will give you travel tips & ideas on where to stay, what to do, & what to eat in Madrid!

Madrid, Spain |

Last November Cate and I took a two week trip to Madrid, Marrakech and Paris. I must admit – I am surprised at how much I loved my time in Madrid. Perhaps because it’s not as exotic as Marrakech nor as familiar as Paris, Madrid took a slight backseat in the planning process. However, the city quickly became one of my favorites, as I was taken in by the beautiful architecture, sunny weather and incredible food (it was mostly the food). Below are a few of our favorites from Madrid and some great travel tips.


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Cal Pep – Barcelona


CateyLou and I, along with my sister, went to Cal Pep for dinner during our trip to Barcelona in February of 2013.  Although the restaurant is unassuming from the exterior, it came highly recommended from several trusted sources who raved about their simple but expertly prepared tapas.  We were not disappointed and would definitely recommend Cal Pep to eaters looking for authentic tapas in a no-frills atmosphere.  … 

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