Lemon and Mascarpone Gnocchi with Rosemary Brown Butter

These soft and pillowy lemon and mascarpone gnocchi are tossed in a rosemary brown butter sauce. The flavor and texture are out of this world!
Lemon and Mascarpone Gnocchi with Rosemary Brown Butter | chezcateylou.com

I am slightly obsessed with the Food Network and have been for years. Specifically with Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentiis. I think I have seen every single episode of both of their shows. I just love the food they make, and they also both have pretty awesome lives. I have spent many a Saturday morning living vicariously through their shows. So when Ina had Giada as a guest on her show, I pretty much freaked! I was so excited. I still have it saved on my TiVo – TheBetterHalf keeps trying to delete it but I won’t let him! And ever since the show aired (ages ago!) I have been thinking about these Lemon Mascarpone Gnocchi that they made together. I finally got around to making them, and they definitely lived up to expectations!


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