Cara Cara Orange Mini Muffins

Cara cara orange zest is stirred into mini muffins, and then the juice is mixed with brown sugar and poured over the warm muffins. These are so flavorful and so good!
Cara Cara Orange Mini Muffins |

Have you ever made something, and then asked yourself, “Why have I not tried this before?!” That is exactly how I felt with these cara cara orange mini muffins. I have never baked with orange juice (or orange anything!) before, and I really have no idea why. I like oranges. They are pretty.  TheBetterHalf drinks orange juice almost every morning.  So why have I discriminated against this citrus fruit in my baked goods in the past? No clue.  These beautiful cara cara oranges are what prompted me to bake using oranges, and I am so thankful that they did – these muffins were SO good.


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