Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon

My ultimate grilled cheese is a Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon on brioche bread, using a blend of two cheeses. Easy and delicious comfort food!

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Bacon on Brioche Bread |
Today is National Grilled Cheese Day! This is a holiday I did not know existed until I started food blogging. How did I live my life before without celebrating these food holidays? I’m not sure, but I’m making up for lost time now by bringing you my version of the Ultimate Grilled Cheese….with tomato and bacon on brioche bread, made with two different types of Kerrygold cheeses!

My favorite type of grilled cheese has always been with tomato and bacon. There is something about that combo that is just so amazing. And the best bread for this sandwich is a nice buttery brioche. It really takes it to the next level!


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Pull-Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread {& a Giveaway!}

This Pull-Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread is a delicious twist on pizza. The cast-iron skillet gives it a crusty edge and doubles as a beautiful serving dish!

Pull-Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread |

It is almost Oscar time! Have you caught up on your movies? And more importantly, do you know what you are making? I know I will be making this Pull Apart Pepperoni Pizza Bread!


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Mushroom Ginger Congee {Vegan, GF}

Mushroom Ginger Congee is a thick and hearty Asian soup that is made with oats! This vegan soup is easy to make, super healthy, and tastes delicious!

Mushroom Ginger Congee {Vegan} |

Do you ever get in little food routines? I have weeks where I end up eating the same thing pretty much every day. And last week, it was this Mushroom Ginger Congee for dinner every night! Sidenote – TheBetterHalf was working late that week…he would not approve of only soup for dinner.  Although let’s be serious, I didn’t only have soup…I followed the congee with dessert of course!  It is all about balance, right?

This soup  is so simple to make and is so warm and comforting. Plus, it doesn’t get much lighter – only 140 calories and 1.5 g of fat per serving, and it is very filling!  This is a great recipe to make when you aren’t feeling well, because the ginger and mushroom will both boost your immune system. Healthy comfort food that tastes amazing and helps you feel better – no wonder I ate this for dinner every night!… 

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Easy Healthy Snack with Pistachios

Pair Skinny Nut™In-Shell Pistachios with Greek yogurt, blackberries, and green tea for a healthy and filling snack that is absolutely delicious!
Easy Healthy Snacks with Pistachios |

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you know I love my snacks! I seriously can’t go two hours without snacking on something. But when you snack as much as I do, the key is to keep the snacks healthy and  nutritionally balanced. That’s why one of my favorite snacks to reach for are pistachios! They are a great way to get a salty, crunchy fix while sticking with a healthy diet.

Plus, pistachios pair so well with other foods to create perfect snacks or mini-meals. One of my favorite pairings is pistachios with Greek yogurt, blackberries, and green tea to drink. This is literally the perfect snack –  protein from the yogurt, a little healthy fat (plus protein and fiber) from the pistachios, vitamins and fiber from the berries, and antioxidants from the green tea. Talk about a power snack! And filling too. I add a small drizzle of honey too since I like things sweet!

Scroll to the bottom of the post for a chance to win a year’s supply of pistachios!

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Split Pea Soup with Ham

Want to make split pea soup but don’t have a ham bone? No problem! This split pea soup with ham uses ham steak – easy to make, comforting and delicious!

Split Pea Soup with Ham |

Split Pea Soup with Ham…so I know this is kind of a weird recipe for Chez CateyLou.  I mean I get it – split pea soup sounds kind of odd, and doesn’t look particularly appealing.  In fact for the majority of my life, I hated the stuff. My grandmother loved split pea soup and I remember her trying to make me eat it – she was unsuccessful.  Little Cate was not going to touch that weird green soup. But one day a few years ago, I actually tried split pea soup and was shocked…I liked it!  A lot!  And this recipe for split pea soup with ham is seriously delicious, so I just had to share it with you!!

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